Juicebox Podcast Episode

I had a blast talking with Scott Benner on the Juicebox podcast. It was inspiring to join the conversation on the most popular and best reviewed type 1 diabetes podcast in the world.

Check out the full episode here!

We talked about:
• the importance of the voices of people with diabetes and why they must play a critical role in device development and research
• demystifying the research process and why partnerships are key to success
• how my research translate into meaningful impact and lasting change for diabetes across the lifespan

Please share with your networks and connect me with anyone who wants to talk about amplifying the voices of people with diabetes and creating lasting change in the diabetes community.

Webinar on Diabetes and Language



Language is powerful and plays an important role in how an individual conceptualizes their disease and its management, treatment outcomes, and psychosocial well-being. For people with diabetes, language can impact their motivation, behaviors, and outcomes. Metonymy, or the substitution of the name of an attribute for that of the thing meant (e.g., labeling a person as diabetic as opposed to a person with diabetes), marginalizes the people affected by their disease. In addition, metonymy generates social distance between the people affected by their disease, their family, friends, and health care providers. Person-first language can help to alleviate the stress of managing a chronic disease or medical diagnosis. This panel will discuss guidelines that promote the use of person-first language from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Psychological Association, and the American Diabetes Association. Purpose: The purpose of this webinar is to inform researchers, educators, and clinicians about metonymy in order to promote the use of person-first language to avoid dehumanizing or stigmatizing people with diabetes.